What Stresses Do Students Face in College?

The stresses students face in college range from exams and the demands of balancing work, classes, and social lives. For many, peer pressure is the number one source of stress. Peer pressure can come from various sources: friends, teachers, the cafeteria, and the dorm. It can cause damaging behaviors, such as making inappropriate comments or avoiding responsibilities. These behaviors can have negative consequences and can lead to a plethora of additional problems.

During college, students’ workload tends to increase and professors’ expectations are higher. Aside from the academics, students also worry about getting to class on time and keeping their social and financial obligations in check. The lack of social support can compound these problems. A supportive friend or family group can help you cope with these stressors. But it may be difficult to find someone you can talk to or confide in.

Students often report that family stress is the biggest challenge, and for good reason. Although most college students are introverted, their parents have different expectations. This means that there’s a high chance that your parents are worried about your performance. Whether they’re helicopter parents, the pressure to succeed in college can be huge. However, it’s crucial that you find a way to deal with the pressures of a demanding college life.

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