How Much Should a College Cheerleader Weigh?

The average college cheerleader weighs around 120 pounds. Though the weight requirement for cheerleading is not strict, most schools prefer to see girls who are between 115 pounds. Some colleges have an all-girl team and require a minimum weight of 110 pounds. In addition to being a physical marvel, a cheerleader needs to be in good health. Achieving a weight range within this range will help protect you from injury and keep you in the sport for years.

There is no strict height requirement for cheerleading. However, most people do not want to be too thin. Cheerleaders must be between 95 and 125 pounds, and should not exceed this weight limit. It is also important to note that college cheerleaders are usually taller than average, and they should be able to squeeze their thighs and seat without squeezing. This is one reason why some college cheerleaders are slender and have large breasts.

While there is no official weight limit, many experts recommend that the average college cheerleader stay in the 95 to 125-pound range. This is a healthy range for a cheerleader, but it isn’t ideal for them. So what is the ideal weight range for a college cheerleader? There are a few factors that contribute to the weight range. These factors can influence the choice of cheerleaders and their ability to perform their stunts.

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